Covabra | Supermarket Branding
Designed at Novarejo - Retail Design Office
Pablo Cabistani: branding designer
Kate Cunha, Cláudia Vizzotto: account attendants
Marcos Morrone e Mauro Minniti: creative direction

Covabra is a traditional supermarket chain, with all the stores located in the countryside of São Paulo, the most economically relevant Brazilian state. With a history of almost 30 years and a well-known brand in the cities the company operates, the chain was looking for a new and modern brand positioning.
After a complete and detailed brand consulting, the company decided to create a look and feel that have a sustainability approach, that is a new trend for consumers of modern supermarkets. With this new approach in mind, the new visual identity uses a palette of green colors contrasting with a vivid dark blue, and a symbol - the "C" letter - that is an evolution of the old symbol. The new symbol has a more organic shape and a new clean and light visual.
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