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I’m Pablo Cabistani,
graphic designer.
I create graphic design and visual solutions for clients of all sizes.

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Experience and strategic creativity to develop designs that transform, differentiate and highlight

For more than 15 years I worked in some of the most traditional visual design offices in Brazil creating for some of the leading national and international companies. During this period I developed several successful cases – some awarded in relevant awards – that helped transform and innovate business. Tod

ay, as an independent professional, I work in the entire range of branding services, brand identity and visual design, bringing with me the expertise and experience accumulated to continue developing high-level projects that differentiate and drive companies, brands and products.

My differentials that really make a difference to your project

Experience in
high-level visual design

It is 15 years of a consolidated and recognized career developing designs for some of the main national and international brands and companies.

with focus and strategy

I always try to understand in depth the client and the problem to seek the differential and innovation in the right measure and dose for each project.

Values that fit into the
your company’s budget

As we work together, you’ll have the best of both worlds: professional design delivery without paying for the high costs of an agency’s complex structures.


Specialized and strategic visual design for all points of contact of your brand, company or product

visual identity

  • Design of logos and visual identities for companies, products and services
  • Design of visual identity applications: stationery, uniform, fleet, etc.
  • Naming: naming
  • Brand and identity manuals: brandbooks

Editorial design

  • Communication and POS campaigns
  • Design of catalogs, folders, profiles and annual reports
  • Design and layout of magazines and newspapers
  • Creation of covers, graphic design and diagramming of books

Consumer products design

  • Logo design for products and product lines
  • Packaging design and redesign
  • Key Visuals for POS campaigns


  • Environmental design and visual signage of retail stores and offices
  • Design of signage and setting of commercial and residential buildings
  • Signage design of malls, hospitals, factories and airports


  • Institutional templates for Powerpoint and Keynote presentations
  • Creating, editing, and animating custom presentations in Powerpoint and Keynote

Webdesign, UI&
Motion design

  • Design of websites and digital interfaces
  • Design of interfaces of
    mobile apps and systems
  • Creation of digital communication
    for social networks
  • Creating animated vignettes


Working in some of the most traditional national design offices or in projects for my clients, I designed hundreds of projects


Design and branding, used strategically, can be your greatest allies to differentiate and highlight your brand, product or business.
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