Olivier Anquier | Brand Architecture
Designed at Novarejo - Retail Design Office
Pablo Cabistani: branding designer
Samuel Assunção: environmental designer and architect
Mauro Minniti: environmental designer
Cláudia Vizzotto: account attendant
Marcos Morrone e Mauro Minniti: creative direction

Food photographies by Léo Feltran
Olivier Anquier is a French baker and cooker who immigrated to Brazil in 1979 and has been naturalized Brazilian since 2007. In the country, he is known for having worked as a TV presenter on several cooking shows, the most known of which is "Diário do Olivier", a program that has been aired for more than 10 years on different channels in Brazil.
In addition to being a presenter and celebrity in the culinary world, Olivier Anquier is an entrepreneur and owner of the "L'Entrecote D'Olivier" restaurants chain and the "Mundo Pão do Olivier" (in a free translation, “Olivier’s Bread World”) - famous bakery located on the ground floor of the Esther building, historical and cultural heritage of the city, located in the center of São Paulo city.
This project developed for Olivier Anquier, within the Brazilian design office Novarejo, is a brand architecture, which standardized the logos and visual language of the presenter and his business group. Blending the tradition and formality of the logo and wine color with a colorful and vibrant color palette, the design blended the classic and the contemporary, conveying a look both formal and casual, ideal for representing the essence of the famous baker.
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